Felicia Sullivan on her Civic Action Workshop Series

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Three workshops, each 45 minutes in length


1) How It Works: City Budget

So you know that you or your neighbors or someone pays local taxes. You may pay fees for basic city services like water, sewer, trash removal, pick up. You probably have paid a tax on your car or gotten a parking ticket. Where does all of the money go and what does city government do with it? Take a tour of the basic city budget with attention to money coming in and money coming out. Ample time for questions and answers.

2) How It Works: Lowell Elections and Running for Office

Do you vote? Do you only vote in presidential or midterm elections? How about local elections? Do you know how to vote, where to vote, how to run for office or how to find out about local candidates? This session is designed to make all of these things more clear for those interested in participating more in local decision making. Ample time for questions and answers

3)  How It Works: Lowell City Council and Lowell School Council

You know there is a City Council and School Committee, but did you know what they do or are responsible for? Did you know that in Lowell’s form of city government we don’t elect a Mayor, the City Council itself chooses the Mayor? How can you contact your local representatives and what can they do for you? How do you know what each member of these elected bodies stands for? Ample time for questions and answers.


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