Emily Levine on her Lace Knitting for Summer + Blocking 101 Workshop

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Lace Knitting for Summer + Blocking 101
Want to try something new with your knitting? Knitted lace is beautiful, light, and exciting to create. This workshop will introduce knitters comfortable with the basics of knitting to fundamental lace techniques (great for light summer knits!) and the magical world of blocking your knitting (especially lace!) The workshop will cover:
  • Fundamental lace stitches – the building blocks
  • Reading patterns
  • Skills practice
  • Troubleshooting and common issues
  • Blocking – why, how, and do I have to? (yes)
  • yarn swap! We’ll reserve the last 15 minutes of the workshop to swap yarn from our stashes. If you’d like to participate, bring a ball or two to swap.

Participants should be able to knit (garter stitch) and purl stitches comfortably. Yarn will be provided, as well as one set of needles. You may also bring your own – yarn should be DK weight or smaller, needles should be size US 6 to US 9.

Participants will leave the workshop with one set of double-pointed needles,an info packet containing instructions, patterns, and links to online tutorials for continuing to build skills.

Maximum class size: 15

Age limit: 15+


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