2017 Workshop Descriptions

An Intro to Improv Comedy with House Thespian

Join some of the members of House Thespian and Scared Scriptless for a free improv workshop! You’ll learn some basic techniques, play games, and have a ton of fun.

Calming Bottles

In a stressful world, at least there’s glitter. Learn to make a fun, simple, and above all sparkly sensory bottle.

Couponing 101: Learning How to Save While Shopping

Learn to clip like a pro! You’ll be a super couponer in no time.

Designing Better Flyers

Are your posters lacking pep? This class will help you learn to create fantastic flyers and signature signs.

Friendly Spanish

Habla Espanol? No? This class will help you get started! Learn to greet your neighbors and other polite basics. Bueno!

Google Drive for Team Building

Develop team collaboration and enhance productivity with this free cloud-based resource. Understand best practices used by a small Lowell nonprofit to boost functioning of virtual teams.

How To Buy Your First Home in Today’s Market

Find the idea of househunting overwhelming? This workshop will walk you through the steps for buying a home including the process of pre-qualifying for a loan all the way through closing the financing.

Knit Your Own PussyHat

Learn how to make the iconic cat-eared pink hat first seen at the Women’s Marches worldwide in January 2017. You can knit them back and forth or in the round. We’ll make a small sample in class and you’ll get a pattern for a real-sized hat to make on your own.

Make Your Voice Heard! How to Call, Write, and Talk to Politicians

Have things to say, but not sure how to say them? This workshop will give you names, phone numbers, and practice speaking your truth to the people that are your voice.

Nonviolent Civil Disobedience

Frustrated, angry, concerned, confused, or depressed by the climate of life lately? Yes? Well, “Activism” may just be the prescription you need! *May cause serious boughts with structures of institutionalized violence, spontaneous outbursts of joy and catharsis. Instances of radical social progress have been shown in historical country-wide studies.

We’ll be talking on the principles and values of NonViolent Civil Disobedience and practicing some tactics that have proven effective in conveying popular messages and simultaneously builds stronger group cohesion. Think “a mighty righteous kumbaya” that smashes the capitalist imperialist heteronormative patriarchy.

“Playing Hooky”: a Guide to Simple Crochet

Always wanted to try crochet, but not sure where to start?

Pressure Cooking

Under a lot of pressure to make dinner every night? Try a new approach to cooking!

Quick, Healthy Food with Mill City Grows!

Learn fun, new recipes using fresh, locally-grown food that are healthy for you and your wallet!

Résumé Workshop

Brush up on your resume writing skills with Sabrina Boggio of Progress Clothing. It is not required to already have a resume drafted to attend. We welcome those who have started and those who have not started at all!

Social Network Mapping

A hands-on workshop on how to create your own Social Network Map using Gephi

Stippling for Stress Relief

Stippling is the use of varying tone and texture with small dots or specks. This workshop teaches stippling basics and explores the intentional technique for reducing anxiety and stress.

Understand and Increase your Dreams

Dream share and interpretation, including tips for increasing dreaming and training yourself to lucid dream

Zumba For Fitness and Fun

Try this fun and lively approach to exercise with Latin dance flair