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We’re Ready for Saturday!

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The Skill Share is going to be a great day, part of a great weekend of events in the city. As part of the 2017 Spring Fling, there’s so much fun stuff to do in the city, lots of it free! More info at

Take a look at everything that’s happening:

Thursday, May 18, 2017

  • Dine Out Lowell Spring Edition / more info at
  • Open Shops @ Mill No. 5

Friday, May 19, 2017

  • Dine Out Lowell Spring Edition / more info at
  • Open Doors Lowell (more info)
  • Street Art in downtown
  • Market Place by Made In Lowell on Lucy Larcom park (more info)
  • Lowell Philharmonic Concert Lowell Philharmonic Orchestra (more info)

Saturday, May 20, 2017

  • Dine Out Lowell Spring Edition / more info at
  • Inaugural Event for Street Piano Program
  • Open Doors Lowell (more info)
  • Wine & Wander by Made In Lowell (more info)
  • Street performers  Robert Clarke the Magician Juggler at Derby Park (2pm & 3.30pm)
  • City Concert with Hunter Band at Derby Park (5pm)
  • Street Art in downtown
  • Food Trucks at Derby Park on Middle Street (starting 12pm)

Sunday, May 21, 2017  

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Share Your Skills, Mill City!

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The 2016 Mill City Skill Share is looking for talented folks looking to share their knowledge with their neighbors! If you have a skill to share, we want to know about it. This year the Skillshare is on Saturday, May 21st. Past workshops have included a wide range of topics, including canning, screenprinting, sign language, networking, healthy cooking, and yoga. Pretty much anything you can imagine teaching is fair game.

This year we’re organizing the workshops into loose categories:

  • Family Friendly
  • Professional Development
  • Arts and Crafts
  • Health and Wellness

and a few additional floating workshops at local businesses with owners sharing their special skills.

This is a great way to meet you neighbors in a fun and collaborative environment. It’s also a fun chance to share your talents with the world. Feel free to submit a mini version of something you usually teach or do professionally, this can be a good opportunity to pick up new clients or students.

While there are occasional exceptions, workshops should be about 45 minutes long. This year we’ll be hosted in UnchArted Gallery, Arts Research Collaborative, Lowell Makes, and LTC.

Interested? Curious? Get in Touch!  If you do want teach, make sure you connect with us by April 25th at the latest.

Call Aurora 978-452-7523 ext 808





Gunther Wellenstein on his Composting: Make Garden Not Garbage Workshop

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There are many nasty myths about garbage – the food waste we throw away. We will demonstrate 3 easy ways to turn the food waste of today into the fertilizer of tomorrow. By composting using easily available materials, it is possible to convert bad smells, bad looks, and bad chores into a production operation with an outstanding outcome. We will demonstrate a fence ring, a city subsidized composter, and a worm composter setup-and-operate example. The most fun is the worm bin, and we will explain simple details of vermicomposting operations. Folks will go home with an example of compost recovered from the Lowell Folk Festival last year.


Composting (3)

Kevin Willett on his Business Networking 101 Workshop

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You’ve been told that business networking is the best way to grow your business or find your next job. But what is business networking? How does it work? Join Kevin Willett, CEO of the Friends of Kevin Networking Group to hear his tips and learn how he grew his Business into one of the most successful networking groups in the area. This seminar is designed to be beneficial to both the new networker as well as the experienced. Kevin will offer advice on what to do before, during and after a networking event to help you make the most of the event.

Felicia Sullivan on her Civic Action Workshop Series

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Three workshops, each 45 minutes in length


1) How It Works: City Budget

So you know that you or your neighbors or someone pays local taxes. You may pay fees for basic city services like water, sewer, trash removal, pick up. You probably have paid a tax on your car or gotten a parking ticket. Where does all of the money go and what does city government do with it? Take a tour of the basic city budget with attention to money coming in and money coming out. Ample time for questions and answers.

2) How It Works: Lowell Elections and Running for Office

Do you vote? Do you only vote in presidential or midterm elections? How about local elections? Do you know how to vote, where to vote, how to run for office or how to find out about local candidates? This session is designed to make all of these things more clear for those interested in participating more in local decision making. Ample time for questions and answers

3)  How It Works: Lowell City Council and Lowell School Council

You know there is a City Council and School Committee, but did you know what they do or are responsible for? Did you know that in Lowell’s form of city government we don’t elect a Mayor, the City Council itself chooses the Mayor? How can you contact your local representatives and what can they do for you? How do you know what each member of these elected bodies stands for? Ample time for questions and answers.